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Pulling Up

Liv has been working on trying to pull herself up to a stand.  As you can see, she is working so hard and this is still something that’s so difficult for her.





New Purple Shoes

Liv’s ankle braces weren’t giving her enough support so she recently got new braces that end just below the knee.  They give her much more support and best of all, they’re purple, Liv’s favorite color!




liv is a mermaid

Liv has been asking to swim every day, twice a day, for weeks now. Grandpa built her a platform we can submerge in the pool and thanks to buoyancy she’s able to walk around on it and “swim”.


liv helps with tube feeding

liv tube feeds herself

Liv’s eating has improved over the last year and a half.  For months now, she has been eating all of her food orally, but still struggles with more than a few sips of liquid.  She’s very aware of her gastrostomy tube and gets that other kids don’t have one, but it doesn’t really bother her.  Sometimes she fights with us and yells “me!” when we try to give her water or medicine through her tube.  Here is a short clip of Liv helping out.


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